Coffee with social impact.

Goodbye, colonialism. These coffees are roasted in the countries of origin. This means a fairer distribution of money along the entire value chain.

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The problem of the coffee industry

Virtually all of the world's coffee leaves its place of origin as raw material. The roasting process in consumer countries is the largest markup in the value chain. This leads to an unfair distribution of profits.

Most of the money stays where we consume coffee and not where coffee is produced. That is not right.



of coffee producing countries still rely on financial aid.

World Bank



of coffee are imported into consumer countries as raw material.

ICO, Coffee Development Report 2019


+380k Minuten*

are spent on growing and processing coffee while roasting only takes about 15 minutes.

*approx. 9-10 months

Today, only around 10-15% of the total value remains in the regions of origin. With Coffee Annan, around 50% of the value remains in the countries of origin.*

Coffee Annan is not just another coffee company.

We strive for a world where every consumer can be confident that their products are ethically sourced, contribute to equal opportunities and support a needed structural change.


Coffee, but different

Roasted in the regions of origin. This is trade on equal terms without colonialism.


Support for agroforestry

Agroforestry not only reduces carbon emissions and has socioeconomic benefits, but also helps improve water and air quality, soil health and wildlife habitat.


Socially responsible

Become part of the roasting at origin movement and give the producers the appreciation they deserve.

“The roasting-at-origin concept is a great one that benefits everyone involved in the coffee value chain.”

Anna Nabude

Coffee producer – Uganda

Your coffee has big impact.

Joining our Roasted at Origin initiative increases the value that remains in coffee countries up to 300%.

Fair wages and economic growth through access to new markets (Europe)

Creation of new jobs in developing countries

Promoting sustainable agricultural practices and contributing to a circular economy

Fair distribution along the coffee value chain

Fighting colonialism and inequality - strengthening the role of women in agriculture

Image of Anna Nabude

Anna Nabude

Coffee producer

Kampala, Uganda

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The concept of roasting at origin is a great one that benefits everyone involved along the coffee value chain.

Our family has been producing and exporting green coffee for decades. The main beneficiaries of this are traders, factories and multinational companies. The share that goes to farmers is small. Therefore, farmers have little incentive to improve their processes or the quality of their coffee.

I believe that by purchasing directly from farmers and collaborating with local producers, roasters and suppliers, Coffee Annan gives back a lot and promotes the development of everyone involved. Ultimately, this also serves our country’s economy

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Currently, 99% of the coffees are shipped as raw material. As a result, 90% of the countries of origin are dependent on financial aid. We believe that keeping as many steps of the value chain as possible in the producing countries will help them to become more independent.That's why we're working with coffee producers to build a platform that enables trading of finished products instead of raw materials.

We source specialty coffees, which are among the best coffees in the world. All of our partners are well-trained coffee experts. Our coffees are carefully drum roasted to our specifications.

Oh yeah! We put a lot of love and energy into product development. We tested hundreds of different types of coffee until we were satisfied.

Absolutely. We disclose all of our purchase prices.

Even better. We do direct trading. We visit the producers regularly and only buy gourmet beans. Procurement of high-quality coffee allows us to pay farmers premium prices, which are always above the Fairtrade price. We believe this model is more efficient than the label industry and allows us and producers to shape the future together.‍

We deliver throughout the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We work with DHL, DPD, GLS, Fedex and Swiss Post to offer you a fast and reliable service.