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Acaia is a company that specializes, among other things, in the production of precision coffee scales. With their state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, Acaia has quickly made a name for itself in the coffee industry. Their scales are loved by baristas worldwide and are used in many renowned coffee houses and cafés.
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Acaia Lunar 2021 Waage schwarz Coffee Annan
Acaia Lunar 2021 Digital Scale with USB-C, Flow Rate
Sale priceCHF 298.00
Acaia Lunar Carrying Case Tasche schwarz
Acaia Lunar Carrying Case Tasche schwarz
Sale priceCHF 56.00
Sold out
Acaia Resistant Heat Pad | Auflage
Acaia Lunar Resistant Heat Pad | Charcoal Black
Sale priceCHF 29.00
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magnetische Wiegeplatte | Acaia Lunar
Acaia Lunar Wiegeplatte
Sale priceCHF 45.00
Acaia Pearl Carrying Case | Tragetasche schwarz
Acaia Pearl Carrying Case für Kaffeewaage
Sale priceCHF 89.00
Acaia Pearl Digitale Waage mit Bluetooth, pitch black, neues Modell
Sold out
Acaia Pearl Kaffeewaage Modell 2021 in weiß Coffee Annan
digitale Kaffeewaage | LED-Display | Brew Guide | Acaia Pearl S
Acaia Pearl S | Digitalwaage mit Brewguide
Sale priceCHF 248.00

Acaia Pearl & Acaia Lunar

Acaia offers a variety of products including the famous Pearl scale, known for its accuracy and fast response time. These scales are equipped with innovative features such as Bluetooth connectivity to enable use with the Acaia app and take coffee brewing to a new level. With an accuracy of 0.1 grams, the Acaia Lunar is ideal for determining espresso measurement units. The robust stainless steel housing and waterproof design make it easy to use even in a busy coffee bar. At Coffee Annan we offer both productsAcaia Pearlas well as thatAcaia Lunar.

acaia lunar waage in benutzung filterkaffee

Why a good coffee scale is important

A good coffee scale is essential for precise and controlled coffee preparation. Because the amount of coffee powder influences the taste of the coffee. With a high-quality coffee scale, the amount of coffee can be weighed precisely down to the gram. This allows the extraction of the coffee to be better controlled. An overdose or underdose can have a negative effect on the taste. A good scale should therefore enable a controlled extraction in which the aromas of the coffee are optimally dissolved and brought out. In addition, the precise dosage of the coffee powder ensures a high level of reproducibility of coffee recipes. By accurately weighing the ingredients, the same taste can be reproduced from cup to cup, taking coffee enjoyment to a new level. This is particularly important for baristas or coffee lovers who want to prepare their coffee at the highest level.

acaia pearl kaffeewaage kaffee richtig messen

The features of the Acaia coffee scales

What sets the Acaia scales apart is their exceptional precision and accuracy when measuring coffee powder and water. With high-quality weighing technology, they allow baristas and coffee lovers to measure the exact amount of ingredients for the perfect cup of coffee. The scales also have intelligent functions such as auto-tare and timer. The Auto-Tare function allows the weight of the container to be automatically subtracted so that only the amount of actual coffee powder is measured. The timer, on the other hand, monitors the brewing time very precisely and ensures that the coffee achieves optimal extraction. In addition to its high precision, the Acaia scale also impresses with its user-friendly design. The scales are operated simply and intuitively via the touchscreen display. They also impress with their high-quality workmanship and the use of materials such as stainless steel, which make them durable and of high quality. The Acaia coffee scales are not only an indispensable tool for preparing coffee, but also an aesthetic highlight in every kitchen or coffee station.


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An Acaia coffee scale is important to ensure precise and consistent coffee preparation. By accurately measuring the amount of coffee and water, you can improve the taste and quality of your coffee and achieve a perfect result.

It is recommended to clean the Acaia coffee scale with a damp cloth after each use to keep it clean and hygienic. A more thorough cleaning should be carried out about once a month to remove coffee residue and oils from the device.

Acaia's products are characterized by their high precision and user-friendliness. Regular firmware updates are integrated to continuously improve the functionality and performance of the scales. Everything for an optimal enjoyment experience.

Acaia's first product was the Acaia Pearl scale. This scale was praised for its high precision and quality and laid the foundation for the company's success.