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The coffee tasting package is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the world of coffee and find the perfect taste experience for your palate. Which coffee type are you? Try a variety of different types of coffee, which can be floral, fruity or chocolatey.

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Sample Pack - Medium
Sample Pack - Medium
Sale priceCHF 29.00
CHF 27.62 /kg
Sample Pack - Small
Sample Pack - Small
Sale priceFrom CHF 19.50
CHF 30.00 /kg
Sample Pack - Large
Sample Pack - Large
Sale priceCHF 35.00
CHF 25.00 /kg

Our sample packages

Our coffee sample package is a selection of different types of coffee, each packed in 350 g portions. It's a great way to taste a variety of coffees and discover new flavors. Our sample packages contain 2-4 different coffee blends and have different flavor profiles. A coffee tasting package is suitable for coffee lovers who like to discover new types of coffee, as well as for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with different flavors.

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Advantages of a coffee tasting package

The advantages of a coffee tasting package are numerous. On the one hand, you can try out the variety of our best coffees, from house blend to specialty espresso, and discover your own taste. By choosing from the sample package, you can test different aromas, roasts and origins and find out which coffee suits you best - real taste inspiration. This not only saves time since you don't have to buy individual packs and use them up, but also money because you don't have to buy a large amount of blends that might not end up being to your taste. Coffee sample packages are also good for beginners who are still unsure about coffee and don't want to commit to one type straight away. The sample package with a mixture of different types of coffee can therefore be the ideal way to find the perfect coffee for your own enjoyment. Last but not least, a variety of different blends is also an ideal gift idea for coffee lovers. It shows attention and allows the recipient to explore different varieties. A little tip: Our specialties are seasonal offers. If you want to try out our fine selection and find your personal favorite, the changing packages are the best way to find out what you like best.

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Contents of our coffee tasting packages

Different roasts, chocolaty, fruity, nutty - our specialty coffee blends leave nothing to be desired and thanks to the seasonal reference, the range offers you a varied enjoyment. Our coffee beans from Africa are refined directly in the country of origin using drum roasting. Our partners are all trained coffee experts, Anna Nabude is even the first coffee roaster in Uganda. The roasting process plays a significant role in the taste that ends up in your coffee cup. Even if you have already found your favorite variety, the sample sizes allow you to immerse yourself in a different blend and experience the full-bodied taste of our specialty coffees without having to forego the enjoyment of your favorite coffee.


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A coffee trial package allows you to try out different types and roasts to find your personal favorite coffee. It's also a great way to get to know new flavors.

All of our sample packages are grown organically. Sustainability is not just a phrase for us, but runs through all areas of retail at Coffee Annan.

With us you can choose between different sizes. The varieties vary depending on the season.

The cost of a coffee sample package varies depending on the roast and size of the samples. Prices for the “Small” trial package start at 19 euros. You can easily order the “Medium” trial package from us starting at 28 euros and the “Large” trial package starting at 35 euros.