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The AeroPress is an innovative and versatile product for preparing aromatic coffee. A handy coffee maker that allows you to intensify the taste and aroma of coffee, appreciated by coffee lovers all over the world. The AeroPress manual coffee maker fits easily into any bag, making it a perfect travel companion. You can also easily take the filter paper with you anywhere so you can enjoy a delicious coffee at any time.

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AeroPress Coffee Maker coffee maker, including 350 filters
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Fellow Prismo Wiederverwendbarer Filter für Aeropress
Fellow Prismo Reusable Filter for Aeropress
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Why is the AeroPress popular?

By adjusting various variables such as brew time, water temperature, and grind size, the AeroPress coffee maker can produce a variety of flavor profiles. For example, a longer brewing time can result in a strong and intense coffee, while a shorter brewing time produces a milder and more subtle flavor. The AeroPress is also very flexible in terms of the body of the coffee. Using a finer grind can achieve a fuller body, whereas a coarser grind results in a lighter and clearer body. These customizable variables make the AeroPress a popular gadget for coffee lovers who want to customize their cup of coffee. In addition, the AeroPress is extremely easy to use, robust and easy to clean, making it ideal for use at home or when traveling. AAeroPress Coffee Makerincluding 350 filters and a supply of filter paper, you can easily buy it online from Coffee Annan!

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Step-by-step instructions for making AeroPress coffee

To make delicious AeroPress coffee, you need a few basic steps. First you have to heat the water. It's best to use fresh, filtered water to avoid unwanted minerals or impurities. While the water is heating, you can prepare the AeroPress. Insert the coffee filter into the plastic lid and screw it tightly onto the plunger. Next, place the AeroPress on a cup and add ground coffee. The amount of coffee can vary depending on personal taste, but the guideline is eight grams of coffee per 100 ml of water. Now slowly pour the heated water over the ground coffee. Start with a small amount of water and let the coffee "bloom" for about 20-30 seconds. Now you can pour the remaining water evenly over the coffee and stir everything lightly with the stirrer. Finally, put the plunger on and press it down slowly and evenly. The tasteless and fine-pored filter has the task of separating the coffee powder from the brewed coffee. As with conventional filter coffee, the oils and bitter substances are filtered out through the AeroPress filter paper. Once the pressure has dropped, you can carefully remove the AeroPress from the cup and unscrew the lid to remove the filter. Enjoy your freshly brewed AeroPress coffee!

A little tip: If you want to try out different preparation practices with your AeroPress, then definitely take a lookReverse methodin our blog.

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The art of AeroPress preparation

When preparing AeroPress, the choice of coffee type and roasting are crucial. Even your favorite coffee can develop new flavor profiles. For the AeroPress, it is also important to choose the right coffee grind. A fine grind of coffee can lead to slow extraction - the coffee becomes bitter. Otherwise, if the grinding setting is too coarse, the coffee would run through too quickly, which can lead to sour coffee. A simple way to brew good coffee is through classic experimentation. For example, a ratio of 1:15 (coffee to water) produces a stronger and more concentrated coffee, while a ratio of 1:18 produces a lighter and milder tasting coffee. The water temperature can also affect the taste. A lower temperature produces a sweeter coffee and a higher temperature produces a stronger and bitter taste. Try out the Aeropress's different brewing methods and find your unique taste.


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It is recommended to clean the AeroPress after each use to ensure it remains clean and hygienic. This works best in the dishwasher.

The AeroPress coffee maker is well suited for use when traveling as it is light and compact. It only requires hot water and coffee to produce a quick cup of coffee. We recommend that you do thisStorage containers from Fellow, which are also great travel companions for every coffee lover.

Naturally the finest coffee from Coffee Annan. A medium grind and high-quality coffee are recommended to get the best taste from the AeroPress.

The tasteless and fine-pored Aeropress micro paper filters produce the best results. 350 replacement filters are included with the product - meaning 350 cups of exquisite coffee enjoyment.