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Brew Guide Bialetti

You know it: The morning begins, and the familiar hissing of a Bialetti fills the kitchen. This Italian classic, with its iconic design and time-tested method, is more than just a coffee maker. It's a piece of culture, a ritual that has lasted generations. With this timeless companion, every coffee moment becomes a journey through the alleys of Italy.

The Bialetti sometimes has an undeserved reputation for producing bitter coffee. We're here to show you exactly how that doesn't happen.

You will need:

1 Moka pot
1 grinder (if necessary) finely ground coffee, e.g., Uganda Filter Roast

1 kettle / stove
Filtered water


1. Heat the water to about 92°C and prepare 15g of super finely ground coffee.

2. Carefully fill the bottom part of the Moka pot with hot water.

3. Add the required amount of ground coffee (15g) to the device. Now place the basket on the lower part of the pot (containing the hot water).

4. Place the Moka pot on the stove at medium heat. As soon as the coffee starts flowing from the upper valves and begins to "hiss," it's ready. It's best to let it cool down a bit before enjoying it.


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