Brew Guide Chemex

Brew Guide Chemex

You know the feeling: When the world outside is still quiet and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. With the Chemex, this daily ritual becomes an aesthetic experience. Its timeless design and precise preparation guarantee a coffee of incomparable quality and taste. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Chemex and start your day with a perfect coffee moment.
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You need:

Chemex filter paper
25 g freshly ground beans, e.g., Coffee Annan Kenya Filter
350 ml boiling water (88-92 °C)
The total brewing time is about 3:30 minutes.


1. Grind your coffee (medium grind) and heat the water.

2. Fold the filter paper twice and place it in your Chemex. Always moisten the paper with hot water to prevent a papery taste.

But remember to remove the water before starting the brewing process ;)

3. Carefully distribute the coffee in the center of the Chemex.

4. For the first pour, add about 50-60 g of hot water to the center of the coffee so that it is completely wetted. This allows the coffee to degas and bloom.

4. Add another 100 g of water in circular motions every 30 seconds until you reach 350 g.

5. The total brewing time is about ± 3:30 minutes.

6. Have a nice coffee ;)



Chemex Coffee Annan Filter Kenya

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